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rawda pharmacy
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  • Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud
  • Thursday, 20 December 2018 at 16:45

Rawda Pharmacy
For :
All kinds of cough
Bones and muckels pains , easily sleeping, Lungs, .....

To carve 3 mediums onions and fill it with a little spoon of ginger (fresh or dry) and honey. After grilled it with peel, and eat it warm. You can use three times a day it is a defense for your body for All illness specially for winter illness for bones illness to be active and alive for sexual and immune system cough , muckels and bones pains ,Lungs, and many deseas.
It is much better for a healthy body and life.

Prescription for cough and sleep easily:

to cut into pieces one onion in a glass of honey and keep it firmly. Wait 2 hours and take the liquid in a bottle keep this in fridge. You can use it for 2 weeks in fridge and 3-7 times a day.

You can use for children. They can sleep calm and longly.
Allah Şafii
(It is my last discovery test it)


Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud