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  • Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud
  • Monday, 13 November 2017 at 00:00


Selamünaleyküm Hocam,


I have not gone for Hajj or Umrah. As you might know, it might take for Turks at least 7-8 yrs after we make a registration for it. Therefore which one we should perform fırst ; Hajj or Umrah?

Allah razı olsun.

Yurdagül, Çankırı


Answer to the question of sister Yurdagül:

Umrah is Sunnah and Hajj is Farz: this means you must do Hajj as possible as you can and Umrah you can do it during Hajj itself.

If you have the possibility (financial and moral ) to make Hajj, you must do it.

You must intend to do Hajj and try all ways for this.
If you can't get a chance for Hajj, you're apologized in Islam.
Then you can do Umrah which is much better than doing nothing at all.
Anyway Umrah doesn't replace Hajj like praying Sunnah doesn't replace Farz.

I pray and ask Allahu Taala that He Subhanahu help you to make it comfortable.

Wallahu Teāla ala wa alam.

Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud