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şûrâ tül haşr
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  • Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud
  • Wednesday, 22 November 2017 at 20:18

Selamünaleyküm Hocam. What would you say about the 20 th ayet of Şûrâ tül Haşr ? How is possible that the happiness of ashabı Cennet will inrease continously /infinitely ? Allah razı olsun.

Yurdagül, Çankırı


Answer to that question of the sister :
In Surat al Har ayat Nr.20 ;
Allahu tala want to say for us that is wouldn't be eany comparison between Ashabul cannat und Ashabun Nar.
Ashabul cannat will be winner.
Wallahu tala ala wa alam

Prof. Sayyid Magdy Dawoud